Vote Yes For Life: South Dakota’s Fight Against Abortion

I had the privilege to take part in the fight to uphold South Dakota’s law and was recognized by Leslee Unruh in her “concession” speech. The same reporters who covered the concession speech had been openly, and sometimes embarrassingly bent upon frustrating our efforts to uphold the law. In the end those who held the cameras and microphones won using their usual tactic of feigned neutrality while supplying heavily biased information.

HB 1215 was defeated when 185,945 South Dakotans (55.57% of the voters) chose to leave preborn children with no legal protection. 148,648 people (44.43% of the voters) voted to uphold HB 1215 which would have protected human beings from conception.


2 responses to “ACTIVISM

  1. I love the message of your blog, but your banner caused me to tear up a bit… Don’t know if I can come back

    Thanks for making a war hardened career soldier lose it on a Friday night,,,

  2. Hey TRM,
    I am sorry the banner disturbed you. You know I’ve gotten that same response from several people who looked at the website. The funny thing is that the picture is not of an abortion in process, but of an in-utero operation where the baby stuck his hand out of the incision made by the doctor to hold onto the startled doctor’s finger, much like a newborn would. Sorry about the confusion. I’ll see if I can edit the picture a little so that the meaning is clearer.

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