From 2001 to 2003, Barack Obama was the only state Senator to speak out against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of Illinois.  He was afraid that giving protection to some babies would extend to all other babies in danger of an abortion.  However, this was proven to be an empty excuse because when an amendment was introduced to assure that the bill would not extend to any other babies except those that had been born alive during an abortion attempt, he, as chairman of the committee in charge of the bill, prevented the amendment from being voted upon.

Even Hillary voted to grant this tiny slice of protection to infants born alive during an abortion.  There was a 98-0 vote in the Senate in 2002.


Latent Racism in South Carolina?

The Democratic primary in South Carolina showed that approximately four out of five black Democrats voted for Obama.  Given the fact that he has almost no legislative record to go by, is it possible that black people voted based on the color of the skin not on the content of the character.  National polls show Hillary around ten points over Obama.  So it would seem that black Democrats depart from the national Democratic ideology when enticed to do so by race.

The analysis is more complex though.  Iowa, a state with a very small black population voted for Obama.  It is likely that there is a preference among the black electorate for a black candidate so long as he is a) a liberal Democrat, and b) has a shot at actually winning.  That would explain why conservative black candidates such as Alan Keys, or second tier liberal candidates such as Jessee Jackson have never been able to gather the black vote like Obama seems to have done.

Some may argue, well, Romney gets the Mormon vote.  This argument is flawed for two reasons.  The first is that religion is to a certain extent a personal choice and a reflection of your character, race is not.  The second is related to the first, and that is that Mormons, because of their religious belief tend to be semi-conservative Republicans, and would thus gravitate towards Romney, just as all other semi-conservative Republicans are doing.

I will be very surprised if black liberals are able to get over their own form of racial discrimination or racial preference and vote for Billary, the first androgynous black presidential nominee.   In the end it shouldn’t matter, and Billary will be the the Democratic nominee, and black Americans will have made themselves as irrelevant as pro-life Americans.

Where does the GOP presidential nomination stand?

Mike Huckabee, the only bonafide pro-life advocate didn’t win South Carolina and has been getting less and less media attention.  To make matters worse, the Florida Fox News debate focused almost completely on the recent tribulations of the economy and on Mitt Romney.  Huckabee was unimpressive, visibly uncomfortable when talking about the economy.  Barring something unforeseen Mitt Romney, Inc. is in the driver’s seat.  John McCain’s straight talk and zig zagging past won’t win over the fiscal conservatives and leaves the social conservatives as unenthused about him as he is about them.  The only other possibility is Rudy, but Rudy blew it by making himself irrelevant early on, and now he can’t shed the image of a candidate that hasn’t received double digits in a single state.  Well there is one abortion disaster that the GOP averted.

Once again the fiscal conservatives prevail.  At least Romney says he’s pro-life, but I still can’t really believe it.  But hey, at least he says he is; maybe if I repeat this enough I will be able to stomach voting for him. 

If the Democrats nominate Billary Clinton they will get a candidate(s) that is no more trustworthy on any of the democrat socialistic policies than Romney is on abortion.  That is with the exception of abortion.  Bill Clinton might have once been “pro-life”, but I doubt Hillary ever was.  If Billary is the nominee for the Democrats the American people will have a dogged committed pro-abortion presidential nominee.

What a CHOICE for pro-lifers!  The raging feminazi versus the disinterested businessman.  Once again pro-lifers get the shaft.  Pro-lifers are the battered spouses of politics, we get beat up again and again and then we come back believing he’ll change.  Maybe it’s time to take the kids and file a divorce?

Thompson gets NRLC’s support … but


Planned Parenthood poured their money into South Dakota while National Right to Life did … nothing. No, worse than nothing, they issued a negative statement that was used throughout the media to show pro-lifers were divided as to whether they wanted to outlaw abortion.

In other words, NRLC’s endorsement of Fred Thompson is an added reason to support Mike Huckabee.

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