Mitt Romney on Abortion

Mitt Romney has a very visible pro-abortion record. Here are two videos that have been widely circulated on YouTube.
This first one is from a 2002 debate for the governorship of Massachusets. Pretty clear where he stands. What bothers me is that he seems so emotional on the issue of abortion and uses a personal family story to legitimize his long record. In fact it is a multi-generational record as his mother ran on a pro-abortion position for a US Senate seat in 1970, three years before Roe was decided.

This next clip is from Romney’s run for Ted Kennedy’s seat in the US Senate in 1994, it includes a variety of issues, but the abortion responses are chilling.

So the real question is why are pro-lifers supposed to forget this long and proud record while completely disqualifying people like Huckabee, because he gave the children of illegals a shot at merit based scholarships. Give me a break. We are told to judge candidates on their record, that is unless analyzing their record somehow weakens the chances of a fiscal conservative. Mark Levine, went so far as to say that Giuliani is a conservative. I guess for Mark Levine, we pro-lifers are invisible.
Sure Huckabee, is not perfect, and he would need to catch up on a lot of foreign policy, but for a pro-lifer every day is 9/11 and having a reliable record that shows that the candidate understands this is a necessity not a one of a broad list.


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